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Body Solid Powerline Smith Machine Pec Fly Attachment PPA13W for use exclusively with the Powerline Smith Machine PSM144W and Lat Attachment PLA144W ONLY

Perform Pec Fly's for fast and effective chest development. Unique design allows unilateral and bilateral movement with even resistance on both pec arms. Isolate the chest for inner pec development in a way not possible with free weights. Perform the ultimate superset for pectoral development on your Smith machine by doing a set of Pec Flyes first and then going straight to bench presses. Thick DuraFirm back pad provides user comfort.
NOTE: PLA144W Lat Attachment must be installed prior to use .

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Product Specifications
Lat Attachment #WLA144W
Required Station(s):
ITEM# PSM144W Smith Machine
ITEM# WLA144W Lat Attachment
Ten Year Warranty

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