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Powerline, Body Solid, & BodyCraft Preacher Curl Machines

Is there anything more impressive on a man than seeing one sporting a pair of massive peaked biceps , as big as softballs, hanging out of his shirts short sleeves? When fully developed, biceps can be the most impressive show muscle there is, creating a sense of awe in everyone that sees them - drawing admiration from women and commanding respect from other men. The best exercise for building thick, crowned biceps is, without a doubt, the bicep curl and Preacher Curls and its various forms are the strictest curl that you can do. Totally isolate your upper arms and take your biceps to new levels of development. Many trainees with stubborn biceps that have had trouble getting their arms to respond to conventional standing barbell and dumbbell curls have found that adding the isolation possible with these benches and machines finally got their biceps growing.

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