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*** Bodybuilder Dating Service ***

Okay all you lonely hearts out there, here is your chance to meet someone just as quirky about working out as you are. Eric's Gym has partnered with to provide you with an excellent online dating service for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts........ Bodybuilder Dating Service

    *** Free Bodybuilder Chat Room ***

      Private messages are popular in this Bodybuilding Chatroom, log in and continue to surf the internet until you receive a PM - all subjects are welcome here including training and supplements....... Bodybuilder Chatroom

        *** Free Bodybuilding Training Articles ***

        • Hundreds of vintage bodybuilding articles from Eric's Gym 30 year collection of the golden bodybuilding era of the 1970s, 80s and 90s......... Bodybuilding Articles

        *** FREE Bodybuilder Videos and Pictures ***

        Andreas Munzer Video Clip
        Arnold stars in "Hercules in New York" FREE Movie
        Arnold Schwarzenegger working biceps Pumping Iron Movie Clip
        Arnold Schwarzenegger Working Chest Pumping Iron Movie Clip
        Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography
        Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilder Gym Pictures
        Arnold Schwarzenegger Muscle Gallery
        Bill Pearl Pictures
        Boyer Coe Pictures
        Casey Viator Pictures
        Chris Dickerson Pictures
        Meet a Bodybuilder
        Dayana Cadeau Posing at Ms. Olympia video
        Dayana Cadeau Short Video Clip
        Dayana Cadeau Training Biceps
        Desiree Ellis Posing at Ms. Olympia video
        Dorian Yates pictures
        Ed Corney pictures
        Frank Zane pictures
        Franco Columbu pictures
        John Grimek pictures
        Larry Scott pictures
        Lee Haney pictures
        Lenda Murray pictures
        Lenda Murray video
        Lou Ferrigno pictures
        Markus Ruhl video trailer
        Markus Ruhl posing at Mr. Olympia video clip
        Marja Lehtonen posing at Ms. Olympia video
        Mike Mentzer Books
        Mike Mentzer pictures

        Reg Park pictures
        Ronnie Coleman Mr. Olympia pictures
        Samir Bannout pictures
        Serge Nubret pictures
        Sergio Oliva pictures
        Steve Reeves pictures
        Valentina Chepiga posing at Ms. Olympia video
        Vicki Gates picture gallery
        Vicki Gates video clip
        Vilma Caez posing at Ms. Olympia video
        Yolanda Hughes Picture Gallery

        *** Other Bodybuilding Links ***

        Bench Press Bloopers
        Bodybuilder's Anatomy Chart
        Bodybuilder Dating Service

        Bodybuilding Discussion Forum
        Bodybuilding Routines
        Bodybuilding Training Articles
        Bodybuilding Supplements
        Bodybuilder's Poem
        Female bodybuilder video clip
        Female bodybuilder training in thong bikini video clip
        Female bodybuilder legs video
        Female bodybuilder biceps and calves video clip
        Fitness Books & Video Library
        Iron Man Online Magazine
        Powerlifting & Weightlifting videos
        Pumping Iron movie trailer
        Pumping Iron theme song
        Venice Beach live web cam
        Virtual tour of Eric's favorite gym
        (96.4 MB - better have broadband)

        Vitamin Lab
        Watch 780 lb. bench press video clip
        Watch 900 lb. bench press video clip
        Watch live gym webcam
        Weight Training and Weightlifting Chapters
        Workout Advice
        Strength and Conditioning weightlifting videos

        *** Home Gym Equipment for Sale ***

        Squat Rack
        Preacher Curl Bench
        Roman Chair
        Seated Calf Machine
        Vertical Knee Raise
        Vertical Leg Press Machine
        Power Rack & Bench
        Power Rack
        Power Rack Lat Attachment
        Leg Extension / Curl
        Abs Crunch Board
        Dumbbell Rack
        Flat / Incline / Decline / Bench
        Smith Machine
        Smith Lat Attachment
        Plate Loaded Home Gym
        150 lbs. Weight Stack
        Selectorized Home Gym
        Preacher Curl Attachment
        Bench Squat Combo
        Lat Machine
        Olympic Weight Tree
        Standard Weight Tree
        Ab Crunch Machine

        *** Home Gyms & Free Weight Combos ***

        Home Gyms
        Performance Trainer
        Strength Tech Gym
        Biangular Gym
        EXM3000LPS Home Gym
        EXM4000S Home Gym
        4-in-1 Free Weight Gym
        All-in-one Free Weights, Power Rack & Bench Combo

        *** Endurance Cardio Equipment ***

        Recumbent Bike
        Elliptical Trainer

        *** Free Weight Sets, Plates & Bars ***

        Dumbbell Sets with Rack
        Olympic Barbell Weight Sets
        Olympic Weight Plates
        300 Lbs. Olympic Barbell Set
        Troy Olympic Weight Plates
        EZ-Grip VTX Olympic Barbell Set
        VTX Olympic Weight Plates

        160 Lbs. Regular Barbell Set
        Regular Weight Plates
        Regular 1-inch 7 Foot Bar

        7 Foot Olympic Chrome Bar
        EZ-Curl Olympic Bar
        Shrug / Deadlift Olympic Bar
        Olympic Style Dumbbell Handle
        Star Lock 1-inch Threaded Dumbbell Handle
        Spring Lock Collars

        *** Bodybuilding Accessories ***

        Body Solid Pro-Grip Cable Attachments
        Pro-Grip Multi-Exercise Bar
        Pro-Grip Balanced V-Bar
        Pro-Grip Triceps Pressdown Bar
        Pro-Grip Revolving Straight Bar
        Pro-Grip Multi-Grip Lat Bar
        Pro-Grip Pro-Style Lat Bar
        Pro-Grip Revolving Curl Bar
        Pro-Grip Stirrup Cable Handle
        Pro-Grip Seated Row Chinning Bar Combo
        Body Solid Cable Attachments
        Heavy Duty Lat Bar
        Pro-Style Lat Bar 28" Long
        Pro-Style Lat Bar 38" Long
        Padded Black Lat Bar
        X-Long Lat Bar
        3-Way Lat Blaster Bar
        Triceps Pressdown Bar
        Revolving Triceps Biceps Bar
        Body Solid Leather & Nylon Accessories
        Nylon Wrist Wraps
        Pro Power Grips
        Leather Ankle Strap
        Nylon Ankle Strap
        Body Solid Miscellaneous Bodybuilding Accessories
        Gravity Inversion Boots
        Ab Blaster Slings
        Olympic Adapter Sleeves
        Rubber Floor Protector
        Olympic Trap Bar
        Push-Up Bars
        Selectorized Dumbbells

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