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"I do for one full hour non stop 2000 sit ups and then 6 set of leg raises - 50/60/70/80/90/100 reps going 1 more each set. THAT'S ALL"
-- Serge Nubret

Andreas Cahling's 10 Rules for Bodybuilding Success

Armpit Row or Monkey Row? Serge Nubret

Attack Your Chest From All Angles with Alq Gurley

Are You Working Hard Enough?

Are You An Average Bodybuilder?

Arms With Authority

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Squat

Arthur Jones Exposes Aerobics

Atkin Multi-Poundage System

Back Development with Mr. America

Back Training with Shawn Ray

Balanced Approach for Dynamite Delts

Believe in Yourself

Bench Press - Favorite Exercise of Marvin Eder

Bill Pearl on Deltoids

Bill Pearl's Last Mr. Universe Win

Bill Pettis 23 1/4 Inch Arms

Better Deltoids for a Finished Physique

Blast Those Calves to Greater Size

Bodybuilding Supplements May Not Be Necessary

Build Biceps with Jeff Mulheim

Build Massive Arms with Elias Petsas

Build Massive Legs with Andreas Munzer

Build 18 1/2 inch Calves

Building Perfect Pecs

Build Wider Shoulders

Build Your Chest Quickly with the Pre-Exhaust Method

Bob Birdsong - Mass-Density Training Technique

Body Sculpting for Symmetry

Carbohydrates: What You Must Know

Cardio Boxing for Super Fitness

Casey Viator - His Workout Routine

Casey Viator - Junior Mr. America 1971

Casey Viator - The Great Arms Race

Chris Dickerson's Training Philosophy

Clean and Press with Dumbbells

Clint Beyerle - Mr. U.S.A.

Clint Eastwood - The Ambassador of Fitness

Commercial Bias

Compound Aftershock for Big Arms

Continuous Tension - Why Count Reps?

Cory Everson's Training Secrets

Countdown and Carb-up for Competition

Cycling for the Mr. Olympia with Lee Labrada

Dan Lurie Half Moon Round Bench

Dave Dupre - Bodybuilding's Renaissance Man

Deadlift - The Weight Way of Thinking

Developing Your Maximum Potential

Diabetes and Bodybuilding

Discover The Truth About Eating Too Much Protein

Does More Strength Equal More Size?

Does Regular Exercise Burn More Fat?

Don Ross - Seventies Bodybuilder

Dumbbells - The Perfect Exercise Machine

Dumbbell Pullovers


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